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USA Manufacturer of Tactical Gear & Accessories



Pattern making, sample making, production pattern making, grading, marker making, and cutting


Custom military garment and fashion accessories sewing, ironing and finishing


Finished goods final assembly, packing, dispatch and delivery


Showcase of our versatile manufacturing capabilities

Chest Rigs and Harnesses with Mag Pouches


Tactical Belt

Medical Pouches & Accessories

MilSpec Mag Pouches

Dump Pouch


MIL-SPEC Backpack


Our Story

Our story started in 2013 filling a need for tough tactical gear when GMC Tactical made our first MOLLE products and never looked back. As a small family owned business with years of experience in the garment industry we decided to branch out into tactical gear sewing when one of our customers came to us to fill a void in the market for bandoleers and we have not looked back. Now 10+ years into the future, we have produced thousands and thousands of milSPEC MOLLE products, rifle slings, gloves, bandoleers, ammo MAG pouches, chest rigs, harnesses, straps, bags, belts, and holsters. If there is a soft good tactical product that our brave U.S. warriors want, we stand at the ready to support them.

We are able to produce product right here in the USA at high volumes and in large capacity for our warfighters and gear enthusiasts. We are keeping American Manufacturing alive and well.

Please get in touch if you have a project you would like us to take a look at or if you want to take your designs and turn them into real go time gear to use in the field.

Contact us

GMC Tactical

1448 W. 135th St
Gardena, CA USA 90249

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